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The COVID-19 pandemic has created social boundaries between people since it began two years ago; some of those boundaries have carried on into our current way of living. ​


This installation creates a transformative human experience that symbolically plays out how the pandemic ran its course in society. It also physically represents the effects it had on our social lives and human interactions. ​


The walls in this installation represent the boundaries COVID-19 created. ​


The mirrors inside the installation reflect the outside surroundings, which gives some sense of "back to normal", and addresses that we are finally reconnecting in society.​


The integration of the Keeran as the chosen craft within this installation piece is a representation of how women in Emirati society connected through the social craft of ‘Talli’. This traditional craft was not just a means for social gatherings, but a way for women to exchange ideas and sell their crafted pieces to support their families.​


The social aspect of Talli fits as a celebration through which families & communities joined together to create opportunities for one another. This social craft is still practised to date, as during the pandemic entities and communities that support the intangible crafts had to stop such activities in both homes and craft centres.​

Size: 10m Dia 
Materials: Natural rope and reflective sheets 


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